August 25, 2011

Our Bloggers

Scot Wingo

Scot Wingo: E-Commerce Pontificator

Chief Executive Officer. Part Gamecock. Part Wolfpack-er. E-Commerce encyclopedia. Star Wars fanatic. @scotwingo

Anthony Alford

Anthony AlfordThe Feed Doctor

Technical Leader. Electrical Engineering PhD.  Jeopardy! contestant.  Rice-a-Roni eater.  Business rules author. Windsurfer. Bass player. Classic rocker. Bacon lover.  Russell Brand impersonator. @TheFeedDoctor

Jennifer Artabane

Jennifer ArtabaneMarketplace Master

Senior Product Manager, Marketplaces. Blue Devil. Multitalented employee. New mom. Yogi. Dog rescuer. World traveler. @jlartabane

Jason James

Jason James: Click Guru

Paid Search Product Manager. Self-proclaimed nerd. Runner. Mountain biker. Buddhist monastery couch-surfer. @jtjames

Jackie Jenkins

Jackie Jenkins: ROI Hunter

Global Manager, Search Services. Team leader. Team player. Mother. Wife. American bulldog owner. Cyclist. Century rider. @jenkins2005

Amy Lubell

Amy LubellMarketeer

Global Manager, Marketplace Services. Meredith Angel. Mother of two. Arts and crafts whiz. Volleyball player. Softball player. Beach lover. 

Delisa Reavis

Delisa Reavis: Publicity Phenom

Corporate Communications Manager. Grammar guru. Creative writer. Relationship builder. Foodie. Wino. Kindle hugger. Doggy devotee. @DelisaReavis

Marc Sebes

Marc Sebes:  Enter StoreMan 

Product Manager, Webstores.  Commodore. E-commerce addict. Serial entrepreneur.  Father. Previous Metallica tattoo owner. @eCommerceMarc 

Mark Vandegrift

Mark Vandegrift:  Discount Finder

Senior Global Manager, Shopping Services. Tar Heel. Internet marketing specialist. Multi-blogger. Father. Brew connoisseur. @vandegrift

Link Walls

Link Walls: The Essential Link

Director of Product Management. Ecommerce junkie. ChannelAdvisor secret weapon. Music lover. Dad. Raleighite. Snowboarder. @linkwalls 

Paul Vandre

Paul Vandre: Search Strategist

Campaign Manager, Paid Search. Optimization master. BYU Cougar.PPC guru. Golf enthusiast. Online business owner. Apple enthusiast. @PPCPaul 

David Priel

David Priel: Customer Caregiver

Team Leader, Customer Success. Software tutor. Runner. Support expert.  Broncos fanatic. Dad. Video producer. Biker. @DavidPriel 

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